The Fun of Science and Technology

Abdul Fattah Ismail


Marion Perkins sculpted Man of Sorrow, bought by The Art Institute of Chicago

Cops the Robbers stole 13 works from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston;  case is ongoing

Boston:  Home of the first Afro-American women’s publisher, philanthropist Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin

But facts don’t matter



Because The New York Post has good copy chiefs

That make believe the lie that All Lives Matter

While they post political cartoons of our president as a monkey with a gunshot in his chest

Talmbout, it was a joke.

Revolution Books’ newsletter dressed up Trump as Hitler

But they didn’t do the obvious clapback

Because good jokes burn inside

Like a reward



The joke is on you buying printed toilet paper with headlines for 100 pennies.

You and you too, brotha.  You and you too, sista girl.

They ain’t putting your obituary on the front page

Nor the back

You crazy if you think you’ll make the actual numbered ink page

Cause you were the best black friend ever!


Winnie Mandela was the first social worker in apartheid South Africa

Kahun, Egypt, a worker’s village, was the world’s first planned city, occupied until the 13th dynasty

Alexander III invaded Syria and Egypt in 331-332 BCE, stealing knowledge to start Greek mythology

But facts don’t matter


Because The Hollywood Reporter has that studio intel reel

To interview the Academy leadership

George and Brad, Matt and Jen, Julia and Tom

They don’t complain that their friends Denzel and Jamie and Angela and Regina and Lupita and Latifah and Spike and Oprah deserve better roles

Not to Phillipe Dauman or Brad Grey or Harvey Weinstein, they don’t



Rod Blagejovich tricked the state legislature, then sold out the chair in his own house of cards

Carol Moseley Braun sat there first, and left a platform

Jean Baptiste Du Sable founded Chicago, trading fur on the river and off the Great Lakes

But facts don’t matter


Because The Tribune Company of Chicago is The American Paper for The Americans

The good Americans that don’t see color except white

When those Chicago Southside Hitmen got that World Series before the Cub Kool-Aid cup, designed by Zachary Taylor Davis, was finished

Finishing the Queen’s English from ‘although’ to ‘altho’ like Mortal Kombat

Even though their boy Senator McCarthy said that the communists are coming

Since Truman didn’t really defeat Dewey


Many know now that Haiti had African settlers and traders before the colonists’ arrival to the New World

Marjora Carter looked at the Bronx River through her window and saw green trees, not vials and cracked windows

New York Life sold insurance policies on enslaved Africans, while Lehman Brothers rose on their backs then crashed on the junk bonds of their children who built the damb buildings!

But facts don’t matter


Because The New York Times is ‘All The News That’s Fit to Print’

We’ll conserve key facts when it serves the public good on Monday

On Friday, when we need to let the long, grey locks flow for Jimi Hendrix tonight, we’ll wave that freak flag high

On Sunday, we’ll fill out the crossword puzzle, then deface the Palestinian in that Gaza comic strip

On Tuesday, we hire Jayson Blair. He’s black, so our readers don’t think he can read. But he’s a really nice guy.

Still, we think all blacks are liars. He does just that.

But we keep him because he’s black and it makes us look good at the book review club.

We fire him on Friday. His day off, like Craig.

We know. We know.



All of these facts are online.

Matter o’ fact, that’s why these publishers’  ink ribbons done dried up.

Because their printed ventriloquism got lost in the cloud server

Exposing that type of writer

Slide the roll





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The Fun of Science and Technology