The carrot, the rectum and a tinge of blue

Bruce Edward Sherfield

When I was twelve

The cocksuckers landed on our roof

And took my dad away

He said he didn’t do it

They threw him down the stairs anyway

just to crack him like an egg,

then pulled his wings off

a pest buzzing around their helmets


New York, 2133

Parts: Everybody’s gotta have’em

Arms, legs, big dicks, firm tits

Now in sanctified chips

Mules and smuggle boys (that’s me, yeah!)

Last winter

snow fell in Yo-Yo’s mouth

and he died like that, on his back

Perimeter shut him the fuck up

Out and down he went


Air raid, a serenade

Long slimy tongues

lapping up the need to want

What gives? Me, softer now

Push it up, baby, tight but safe

final readjustment of the package

Gotta go, cuz dollars

don’t grow on trees anymore

that’s why they print it a mean green


Running from the orange probe

Handheld bitchmaker

Alien finger fuck

When know it’s you, J.C.—we know!

If they catch me

that bad blue little light’ll beep

and turn the color of the last sky

my skinny ass will ever see

The carrot, the rectum and a tinge of blue