RESisTing Since

Jamika Ajalon

RESisTing Since


we been resisting



well before yr time

and from a time well before that


since before the first woman

made the first drum


that beat was resistance taking on ( a) sound.


we profound down spaces under foot

sprout spontaneous settlements of resistance

leave behind memory seeds

simultaneously galaxy high

go ask  (the voices that spoke ) sun ra


you think this backlash got slap?

well go all the way in

watch were we been

then where we at


go even further past smoke grenade amnesia

to  the stories  cyphered through blood and gene


need help with yr rememory?

go sit under a tree and listen


need help understanding the freedom dues

and as freedom does

go sit by a river and listen



we be resisting since.


we got this

RESisTing Since