Pont Royal

Camille Adnot

A form in the shape of a woman
or perhaps it is a woman
in the shape of a shadow
looms in the night in the form of a street –
in the street in the form of a bridge.

The form – could it be a woman?
in the night, silhouetted against the moon.
The moon emits light; but the moon
itself is a shadow of the sun
silhouetted against the dark sky
and the starry river mirroring the shadow of night.

The silhouette – the woman-like form –
(but is it a woman?)
glistens in the halo of the night.
It hasn’t rained in days –
where is the water coming from,
but from the form of the river mirroring
the sky and the stars?
Is she – is it a she? – a mirror herself,
reflecting the water of the river under the bridge?
Is her shadow part of the bridge, or of the river, or of the sky?

The glistening form in the shape of a woman
which is still part of the form of the bridge
silhouetted against the river


The fall in the shape of a sound
tears the fabric of the river and the night

And the bridge so vividly now
looms in the night in the form of a break
silhouetted against the halo of life
And all forms seem to lose their shapes
and to fall down, fall down, falling down
And the night has no form, and did it ever have one?
And was there ever a form in the shape of a woman,
glistening above the water?

Or was it always
a spectral form
already dead,
and already drowned?

(painting by Anne Huynh)

Pont Royal