Erica Schreiner

Once upon a time I rode a bike

And while I was riding

it slowly morphed into a trike

and as I rode that trike uphill

screws spun off and the wheels

tinkered and scattered behind me

shattering like glass, flying back back back

until I held nothing but a metal pipe

in my hands

and I ran uphill, holding that metal pipe

clutching tight

to that metal with all my might (fast as light)

and together we ran and ran

fast as we can

fast as we could

toward the clouds as I understood

and when we got to the top of that hill

I was a baby again

And the pipe, my spirit

Drink, a drop in the bucket, some long withstanding overstood for all of time

And if we could

I wish I may I wish I might



But I stand before you naked

Without a pipe

Because I threw it as far and as fast as a baby hand can

We were throwing the pipe against the wind until it became a boomerang


And flew back and hit me in the skull