Excerpts from Now Too How Soon
Andrew Spragg

closer to the face

pushing through from

beneath the table-top glass

was something

not for speech

this time

Two Poems
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

those who you felt close to
but never really touched
the letter you wrote
but never mailed
to the suicide
whose heart you broke
reaches for your mind
just one last time

Athol WIlliams

“Can we be anything other than what we have known
ourselves to be?” he had asked, of no-one. The silence,
growing, began blackening the pictures that he held.
The impossible, inevitable darkness crawled toward him,
stared at him, nodding, as if to say “yes, I am that
which you fear.” He denied its grip, even as it tightened
around his throat – dimmer the song, blacker the pictures

4 Poems: Untitled – Black
Nicole Goodwin

Your gifts. Brazen!
Barefoot and unchasted.
When the batons come,
Greet them! Let your eyes
meet those of the bulls...

Accompaniments (three excerpts)

I was the woman in the bed across the street. I was the girl in the open window. I was the figure crouched and agreeable. The curls were my horns. I was not a devil. I was the woman who spread her arms.