The Recruit
Joan Struthers

the girl child's loud family
called it a washstand
to her it was a prop

Neither This nor That
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

In the beginning was the word
and with it came the sound
That sound, that sound
that chanking echo of light vibration

transcendental ethel
Carrie Chappell

—bees do run
from snapping
fingers, snakes
from ground-
stomping, and kindness

Three poems from MOTHERBABYHOME
Kimberly Campanello

Yann Rousselot

Today she has given up on the sun.
She lost that battle to night­logic some time ago.
Night­sweats versus the challenge of other people.
Lumbar pain versus the cold daylight.

Basic Needs
Alex Riabov

i have had a hand down my back
telling me in a soft spoken voice
everything will be alright
curled up with a single girl at night
her legs against mine

Ben Aleshire

This happened, or will  &  On the street where I live
Chris Campanioni

in the beginning
was a word
followed by
another word
how very often

love less more
kuasi n. imara

1. they rode the road
through rocks and holes
cost to coast for roll
the lot lands of
grit dusted with sand

The Life Cycle of the Universe
Boni Joi

We paint the constellation on the Grand Central ceiling backwards
and keep one residual square of cigarette soot
to help us visualize dark matter.

Two poems from bless us (who have chosen soul)
Daniel Woody

at what point did we begin
to believe lies
we learned in school
and elsewhere

Azmumg (with two translations)
Mohamed Ouagrar

Immizzêg uzmumg.
Izuzzer amarg
Uremgh ad ccefegh
S igh iddem uzmumg

Ahyâd, L’errant
Ammouri Mbarek

Gigh uttîf
Gigh agwntif
D maf agwlif
Gigh irigw n uzkkif

Leela Chantrelle

See, I do not care about Miss Mariah,
I care about her legs.

David Ishaya Osu

how do i close
a can carrying
pink pebbles?

Spacial Economics
Thibaut Narme

At stiff arm’s length of Life: a lineman’s doing
Not for lack of fucking with Adam’s hand
But market forces give a man his station
And I am yet to prove my efficiency

Eros en Feu (Henrik Aeshna)

red sounds violet sounds
rosy deliriums gushing blue lost treasures
white silences slurring across the wine sunset
odd flights, takeoffs

Three Poems
Daniel Owen

instant feeling
interred strict
of bells of
blinking as those

“Name.” (a flâneurie in 3 movements)
David Leo Sirois

I have seen so many things
yet remain ignorant

How twilight turns
above the graves

Irina Rich Langer

The lower east side at 4am is more itself than during the day
By more itself I mean as it was
Black sidewalks slick with unidentifiable human liquids
Garbage hills climbing the curb


Bushwick Bombers

Bushwick Bombers

Sam Farhi

We stood on top of an abandoned factory in Bushwick and saw a man down below an old director. We asked if he could take our pictures as we jumped off the roof.

If you jump off this roof, how will you live? he asked.

Neither of us knew how to live per se. That’s why it was time to jump off the roof.


Wings of Sulfur

Wings of Sulfur

Maddy Cristall

I am curious towards the dreams that keep you alive, I don’t mean living with a regular heartbeat throbbing through you and penetrating the steps that leave holes in the ground but the kind of living that inspires you to simply chew with dominion, stare with desire and laugh with abandon. I know that you want to live a novel-worthy, nickname deserving, reference commendable life and I believe that somewhere inside of you, you are capable of such wondrous strides. Strides that will take you to a place in the future where people simply stop and ponder how you truly were.


La-Li and The Vagina

La-Li and The Vagina

Melissa Hunter Gurney

When Gunther left to run errands Marquez went directly to La-Li’s room to find her packing. “I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather.”

“Don’t be,” she said, “He wasn’t that nice of a man. He was a racist and a drunk.” Marquez put his hand on La-Li’s hips and moved them downward in circular motions


We should teach our children to use the phrase “we should teach our children” more often

We should teach our children to use the phrase “we should teach our children” more often

Lara Azar

I hereby declare Thinkpieces the medium of the future. A quirky mixture of juvenile language, barely parsed through logic, and the insinuation that everyone should live their lives the way you live yours– suddenly you have a relatable Thinkpiece. This logic begs the question: what will our children do when faced with the task of writing their viral Thinkpieces? How will future generations be able to successfully use such an influential medium to over-assume and arrogantly tell others what to do?


Masa, Massa, Matter

Masa, Massa, Matter

John Murillo III

“I start to think
And then I sink into the paper
Like I was ink”


Margot Tenenbaum in My Bedroom

Margot Tenenbaum in My Bedroom

Genna Rivieccio

The Royal Tenenbaums hadn’t been “a thing” in years. Plenty of other so-called lust-worthy emblems of the damaged goods girl with the distinct, waifish look had succeeded Margot Tenenbaum, including, but not limited to, Natalie Portman as Sam in Garden State, Kate Winslet as Clementine Kruczynski in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Charlotte Gainsbourg as Stéphanie in The Science of Sleep.


Michael Clarke Molds Young Minds

Michael Clarke Molds Young Minds

Luke Marcott

Ever since Nina went to live with mom in St. Petersburg, FL, I’ve been thinking about getting fish. Fish are the one animal you can own that animal rights do not apply to. You can get yourself on a list for doing something horrible, like lighting gasoline-drenched kittens on fire and throwing them at cows out of the window of a moving car or something, and animal rights laws will still let you buy fish. Fish don’t count.


Waiting For A Friend

Waiting For A Friend

Jo Mortimer

Calma sits on a bench on a platform, waiting for a friend. At her side, a dirty, orange, cloth bag full of picture-books – on it, a badge: ‘ferretsfurrever’.

“Morning, Calma. Looks like another scorcher – waiting for a friend again?” asks a member of station staff. He doesn’t wait for her reply.